We offer Exchange service parts for systems such as ATL, Acuson, HP, Siemens,GE, Toshiba and other popular brands. We maintain a stock of fully reconditionedprobes from every major OEM.We can guarantee immediate delivery onmost probes.


probe testingThe First Call 2000 offers a unique probe-testing tool that offers a quantitative evaluation of your probes. We offer on –site testing / evaluation of your probes .Please call us to schedule one of our technicians to come on site.
ProMed Technologies evaluates each transducer using “First Call” before work begins to ensure your transducer can be repaired cost-effectively.

Following the transducer evaluation, we will fax you a computer generated transducer report that quantifies the problem along with a complete repair estimate.

Probe Testing Includes

  • Acoustic Evaluation
  • Clinical Performance Testing
  • Physical Assessment
  • Safety Evaluation
  • Certification of Performance
  • Replacement Planning;




probe repairIf your probe can not be repaired, several options will be offered to meet your individual needs.

Probe Repairs Include:

  • Transducer Re-Lensing.
  • Handle and Nosecone plastic casting
  • TEE probe jacket replacement
  • Cable jacket repair
  • Recasting cable bend relief
  • Cable sheath repair
  • Connector Repair

Probe Services Include:

  • Acoustic Evaluation
  • Clinical Performance Testing
  • Physical Assessment
  • Safety Evaluation
  • Certification of Performance
  • Replacement Planning
  • Predictive Maintenance

Transducers Repair Services

Acoustic Lens Replacement
A new acoustic lens is cast in place of the damaged one. High-pot, Electrical Safety Testing, and Clinical Imaging Quality Testing is performed.

Handle and Nosecone plastic casting
Cracks or stress fractures in the plastic are removed and the transducer is refinished to look like new.

TEE probe jacket re-coating
Insertion tube recoating and jacket replacement make old TEE probes look like new. Bite makes and discoloration from years of use are eliminated. Replacement of the articulation boot is also available.

Cable sheath repair
Cuts or abrasions to the transducer cable become nearly invisible. In severe cases when wires are cut, a new cable can be installed on many transducer types.

Recasting cable bend relief
A new bend relief can add life to a transducer damaged by accident.

Connector repair
System-side connectors, housings and bend relief repairs can extend the useful life of a mission critical probe

ProMed makes probe repair fast and easy.

  • We provide repair on most probes on the market.
  • We provide loaners for a nominal charge.
  • Each probe is repaired and delivered under an ISO certified quality system to guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • Call us to get an RMA#.

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