Fluke Biomedical » ProSim 4 Vital Signs Patient Simulator

Designed to get you in and out of most locations in 60 seconds, this quick-check device offers 12-lead ECG simulation, respiration, IBP and NIBP testing in the palm of your hand. Featuring specialized stay-connected ECG posts to ensure secure lead connections and no-hassle testing, ProSim 4 Vital Signs Simulator is the perfect patient simulator for first-call patient monitor quality assurance and safety professionals.

This combination cardiac rhythms/interactive ECG simulator, respiration simulator, IBP simulator and NIBP simulator offers an easy touch screen menu designed for a wide range of medical simulation requirements. ProSim 4 Vital Signs Simulator is perfect for on-call BMET professionals troubleshooting patient monitors throughout a hospital facility, and as a grab-and-go portable patient simulator.

Patient simulators provide key patient monitor troubleshooting support. The ProSim 4 Vital Signs Simulator offers the quick-check patient simulator technology of a 12-lead ECG simulator, respiration simulator, and blood pressure simulator in a single handheld multifunction device. It is 90 % smaller and lighter than single-function patient simulators, provides one-tap testing for most patient monitor checks, and runs all day on a single battery charge.

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