Fluke Biomedical » Impulse 6000D/7000DP Defibrillator Analyzer

The Impulse 6000D Defibrillator Analyzer and Impulse 7000 Defibrillator/Transcutaneous Pacemaker Analyzer Test Systems are rugged, portable precision test instruments that ensure proper operation and ultimate performance of critical life-support cardiac-resuscitation equipment.
AED Tester capabilities

These best-in-class defibrillator testers feature defibrillator analyzer capabilities that encompass a wide spectrum of worldwide established pulse shapes, showcase AED tester compatibility, and outperform in accuracy and standards. Additionally, the Impulse 7000DP defibrillator and pacemaker tester incorporate the tests and the extensive range of test loads and measurement algorithms needed to test external transcutaneous pacemakers.

Human impedance variability: selectable load defibrillator tester

In conjunction with an Impulse 7000 defibrillator/pacemaker analyzer, the Impulse 7010 Defibrillator Selectable Load Accessory provides multiple loads of 25 Ω, 50 Ω, 75 Ω, 100 Ω, 125 Ω, 150 Ω, 175 Ω and 200 Ω for defibrillator performance testing. A standard USB interface enables computer control and data transfer, and optional Ansur PC-based automation software increases productivity by outfitting users with an easy-to-use method to standardize defibrillator test procedures and capture, print and document data.

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